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Avoiding Deer Injuries

Avoiding Deer Injuries

Deer accidents are common on the roadways of Pennsylvania. Protect yourself and your property from injury by following these safety tips.

Watch Out for Deer

The best way to avoid a deer accident is to spot them before an accident occurs. Deer travel in packs. If you see one, there are probably more nearby. Slow down and keep your eyes peeled for more to follow.

It is also useful to know when deer are most active, which is between dusk and dawn. Unfortunately, their traveling habits correspond to the times of day when a driver’s visibility is at its worse. Deer become increasingly more active during the months of October and December, which is their mating season. Take particular care and slow down during these times. You may also want to drive in the center lane of the roadway, when possible, to provide more space between your car and deer that may appear on the roadside.

You Spotted a Deer

If you spot a deer in your path, stay calm. Panicking can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and swerve off of the road. In addition, it’s impossible to predict what a deer will do. If you swerve, it may change direction into your direct path of travel. Some experts suggest that you give short blasts of your car horn, which may prove useful in scaring the deer out of the road.

If the deer is far enough from your car, brake firmly and attempt a safe stop. You should also remain in your lane of travel while braking. Many deer-related accidents are not a result of hitting the deer. Instead, they result from collisions with other cars when swerving into adjacent lanes.

You Hit a Deer

Pennsylvania ranks fourth in the nation for deer accidents. If you hit a deer, follow these steps:
Move your car to the side of the road if possible
Contact the police to report the incident.
Document the incident with pictures and witness statements
Do not go near the deer. A traumatized animal can act erratically, injuring you with its hooves or legs.

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