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Common Injuries at Grocery Stores
Common Injuries at Grocery Stores


The grocery store is a place that just about everyone must visit. Whether they make their trips daily or weekly, everyone needs to eat, and most people buy their food from these stores. When someone goes to their local grocery store, they never expect to leave the store in an ambulance. Unfortunately, this is a sad truth for many. While it is a store’s responsibility to ensure a safe shopping experience for all of the shoppers, this is not always the case. Here are common grocery store injuries to try to avoid:

Slip and Fall

This is a common and unfortunate incident that has happened to many while grocery shopping. Whether water was dragged in on the shoes of other shoppers, or a container in the store fell and broke causing its substance to leak on the floor, there are multiple ways that a floor can get extremely slippery. It is the store’s responsibility to mark these spots properly and clean up any substance that might cause someone to slip and fall. If this duty is neglected, it can result in a painful personal injury.

Heavy Lifting

If a package of bottled water or any other item is too heavy for someone to lift, the store is required to provide assistance so that the shopper does not have to strain themselves while trying to lift this object. If they were denied this assistance, and they over exerted, they could experience severe pain and strain.

Falling Objects

One common injury seen in grocery stores occurs from falling objects. It is important that shelves be stocked in a way that prevents objects from falling from above. However, at times this duty is overlooked, and people are injured when heavy objects fall on them from high shelves.

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Common Injuries at Grocery Stores




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