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What Is an Accident Reconstruction Expert?

An accident reconstruction expert is someone that you might work with if you have a personal injury case. They help you evaluate evidence and provide valuable witness testimony. If you’ve been in an accident, our personal injury law firm can help you determine if an accident reconstruction expert could be valuable to your case. If they are, our personal injury attorney team can help you find the right expert.

What does an accident reconstruction expert do?

An accident reconstruction expert looks at facts in order to determine the probable cause of a car accident. They consider all of the things that might be relevant to determining how the crash occurred. Then, using their training and experience, they draw conclusions as to the likely cause of the crash. An accident reconstruction expert can provide valuable testimony in a car accident case because they can explain to the jury how a crash likely occurred.

Do I need an accident reconstruction expert in my case?

There are several different circumstances where it might be beneficial to use an accident reconstruction expert in your case. Here are some situations where they can help you with your claim:

  • There are no third-party witnesses to the case
  • The witnesses were incapacitated by the crash and don’t remember events
  • Weather conditions impacted the crash
  • You need to present evidence of what speed a vehicle was traveling leading up to the crash
  • There are tire marks on the road that you need to interpret
  • Another party is alleging fault
  • You need to counter the other side’s expert
  • There are damages to vehicles or physical injuries, and you need to explain how they occurred

An accident reconstruction expert may be helpful any time that fault isn’t immediately obvious in the case, or any time that the other side contests who is at fault.

Who can be an accident reconstruction expert?

In general, a person qualifies to be an expert of any kind by having specialized knowledge or skill. They can get that specialized skill through formal education, through special training programs that are specific to that issue or simply because of their life experience. They must have some special knowledge or ability to help the jury understand scientific or technical information. For accident reconstruction experts, in most cases, they have attended training programs that are specific to learning how to investigate an accident. They should be able to speak about their training and experience and what qualifies them to be an expert.

How our personal injury attorney team can help you

Have you been hurt in an accident? Our personal injury law firm can help you use an accident reconstruction expert to your advantage. Let us help you determine if you need an expert and who to choose. We can help you use rules of evidence and procedure to present your expert testimony in an effective way as part of your overall case strategy. Call us today for your consultation.



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