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Slip and Falls During COVID-19

Even though the dangers of COVID-19 are on the top of our minds right now, there are still other ways that you may be injured. Whether you’re going about your business or you’re trying to adjust to a new normal, personal injury accidents can still happen. Slip and fall accidents may still occur at the […]

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What Is an Accident Reconstruction Expert?

An accident reconstruction expert is someone that you might work with if you have a personal injury case. They help you evaluate evidence and provide valuable witness testimony. If you’ve been in an accident, our personal injury law firm can help you determine if an accident reconstruction expert could be valuable to your case. If […]

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Protective Orders In Pennsylvania Car Accident Cases

When you have a car accident case in Pennsylvania, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Of course, to receive fair compensation for your injuries, you have to know exactly what your injuries are. The defendant in the case has a right to access to some of your medical information. However, a defendant may try to […]

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Do Personal Injury Laws Apply During Coronavirus?

Even though Coronavirus has changed a lot of how society operates, there are some things that have not changed. People are still getting hurt in personal injury accidents. Slip and falls, car accidents, chemical accidents and other kinds of personal injuries are still occurring. When an accident occurs, a victim needs to know their rights. […]

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Coronavirus Workers Compensation Benefits in Pennsylvania

Workers in the State of Pennslyvania may literally be putting their lives at risk when they go to work. The novel Coronavirus is a challenge, unlike anything that healthcare professionals have seen in modern American history. For workers like police officers, emergency responders, healthcare workers, grocery store workers, restaurant employees, gas station workers, and laundry […]

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Is Pennsylvania a One-Bite State?

If you’re a dog owner, or if you’re the victim of a dog bite, you might hear the phrase one-bite rule. Some people assume that the one-bite rule applies everywhere. However, that’s not true. In fact, Pennsylvania is not a one-bite state. Pennsylvania dog bite laws say that a dog owner can be legally liable […]

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Is it illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet in PA?

Is it illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet in PA? Penalties for breaking any traffic law in Pennsylvania are steep. That makes it important to understand Pennsylvania law. The personal injury law firm of Randy H. Kaplan Law Offices explains whether it’s legal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet in PA. Is […]

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What is the statute of limitations in PA for personal injuries?

The statute of limitations in PA for personal injury cases is the timeline that a victim has in order to bring a personal injury claim. As the victim, you have to get your case started by the deadline. Otherwise, no matter how obvious it is that the other side is responsible for your injuries, a […]

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Do Personal Injury Cases Settle After Deposition?

As a personal injury victim, it’s natural to be nervous about the legal process. Many personal injury victims are nervous about testifying in their case. While most cases resolve by settlement, you might wonder when in the process a settlement occurs. Do most personal injury cases settle before or after the deposition? Our personal injury […]

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Is PA a Comparative Negligence State?

When a personal injury accident occurs, there may be more than one side to the story. Sometimes, it isn’t always clear who caused the accident. In fact, in some cases, the victim may have contributed to the accident. When a victim is partially to blame for an accident, they’re said to have comparative negligence. How […]

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