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What Questions Should I Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’re searching for the right personal injury law firm, you want to learn all of the important information to help you make the right choice. After all, learning all that you can about a personal injury attorney is the way to find the best legal team to represent you. However, it can be hard […]

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Do I need a car accident lawyer?

Every car accident is a stressful event. It can be hard to know how to react to a car accident. In some cases, it’s in your best interests to hire a car accident lawyer. However, in cases with only minor injuries, you may be able to resolve your claim in a satisfactory way on your […]

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Who Is the Plaintiff in a Car Accident?

As you go through the car accident claims process, you’re going to hear some legal words that might be unfamiliar. For example, you may hear the word plaintiff. A plaintiff is one of the parties in a car accident case. The more that you learn about legal terms, the better you can address the case. […]

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Can you sue for pain and suffering in a Pennsylvania car accident?

When you’re a car accident victim, you want to know what you can recover in compensation. Financial compensation after a car accident can cover many different kinds of losses. Can a Pennsylvania car accident lawsuit include pain and suffering? Here’s what you need to know from our Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys:   Can you sue […]

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Semi-Trailer Crashes

Truck accidents happen every day. Sometimes, injuries or fatalities result from them. The accidents are often the result of the carelessness and negligence of truck drivers. Injuries from these accidents have serious impacts on the health of victims, and they also affect their ability to make a living and provide for their families. Our accomplished […]

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Slip and Fall Injuries

  Hopefully, you will never experience a slip and fall injury. However, it would be wise to learn how you can protect yourself in a legal and efficient way in case you ever do become a victim of this kind of accident. It’s important to know your legal rights and to seek the counsel of […]

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Guide to Slip and Fall Law

Here at the Randy H. Kaplan Law Offices, we believe your best option when you slip and fall on somebody else’s property is you should contact our personal injury attorney in Abington, Pennsylvania. We are experienced in understanding a wide range of claims for compensation made by individuals like yourself who feel negligence led to […]

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Things To Gather After a Car Accident

  Getting into a car accident is a confusing and emotional experience, but this is just the time to maintain a rational mind. There are many things you need to do and failing to act can end up hurting any insurance claim you intend to submit. Among the responsibilities you have as an accident victim […]

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Are Repetitive Strain Injuries Covered Under Workman’s Comp?

  Under both Pennsylvania and New Jersey workers’ compensation laws repetitive strain injuries are covered conditions eligible for compensation. However, proving that your injury was caused in the workplace can be challenging, so it’s wise to speak with a lawyer about your case and your options. We are personal injury attorneys serving Greater Philadelphia and […]

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What Your Lawyer Needs to Help With Your Divorce

  While divorce often turns out to the best choice, in the long run, it is rarely easy, and never any fun. Every marriage is different, and every relationship has its own set of unique problems. But there are still some standard steps you need to take if it looks like a divorce may be […]

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In over 30+ years we have recovered millions on behalf of our clients and their families. Our drive and our commitment to our clients who are the victims of auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, work related injuries including asbestos claims has led us to have a proven track record of success.

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We take pride in our dedication to our clients and their cases. Firm attorney Randy Kaplan has practiced law since 1982 and has personally handled THOUSANDS of cases including auto accidents, work related injuries business law and employment law. In each and every case we are dedicated to providing our clients with the type of service only a local law firm can provide.