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Workers’ Compensation Attorney Bensalem

Workers’ Compensation Attorney Bensalem


Workers’ Compensation Attorney Bensalem

Many can relate to the prevalence of work-related injuries and the potential need for a workers’ compensation attorney when considering an industrial factory and other jobs with high risk. Possibly never considered though are the work-related injuries possible (and prevalent) in office settings. Unfortunately, work-related injuries are commonplace in office settings too. An individual seated comfortably in an office chair, talking on the phone, or working on a computer, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could become injured, but it can certainly happen. Our workers’ comp lawyer has helped Bensalem residents for years fight for the compensation they deserve. Below are three major causes of work-related injuries.

1. Were You Injured at the Office?

Individuals working in an office setting will regularly use a chair, desk, computer, and phone. Since many hours on any given day will be seated, all the equipment must be fitted to limit strain on the body. Frequent work-related injuries result from daily tasks done repetitively or strain from the incorrect alignment of equipment. Sitting on a chair and talking on the phone daily creates room for back and neck pains, vision strains, pain in the hands and wrists to develop. Injuries resulting from poor ergonomics include musculoskeletal disorders – or those impacting the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, discs, blood vessels, and more according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  In an office setting, workplace injuries may be a result of objects being left out to trip over, poor furniture maintenance, electrical cords being faulty, poor office ventilation, poor lighting, and air quality. A workers’ compensation lawyer serving Bensalem can help you navigate ways to gather evidence that show you are in the right standing when you file the claim for worker’s compensation.

2. Were You Injured in a Warehouse?

Many sources list falls as the primary cause of work-related injuries, and thus the potential need for a personal injury attorney. Falls result from a variety of causes. Tripping over obstacles within a warehouse – which may include working from dangerous heights, loose wires, or unstable flooring. Also causing falls are slips from wet flooring or standing on something unstable. Injuries resulting from falls are varied but may include, bruising, concussion, sprains, breaks, and other lacerations.

3. Were You Injured on a Construction Site?

Air quality is cited as a primary concern for construction or demolition sites. Poor air quality is known to agitate or lead to asthma, allergies, and other respiratory disorders. There are numerous reasons for poor air quality in a construction environment some of which include, overcrowding, poor ventilation, exposure to chemicals or asbestos, mold, etc.

What are the Four Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

  1. Medical benefits. If at any moment you have to visit the doctor or go to the hospital due to work-related injuries, you might incur expenses larger than what you anticipated to spend. Medical expenses include anything from a mere medical visit related to your injury to the medications you may need for the healing process to any medical supplies. 
  2. Partial and Total disability benefits. These benefits are what you get for loss of wages due to workplace injury. With the partial disability benefits, you typically can return to work only to perform light-duty assignments. While performing light-work, you can still be eligible for partial disability benefits. When it comes to total disability benefits, you are entitled to wages while you are not able to work. In this sort of situation, the amount of what you are normally paid for before the injury will determine the amount you get in benefits. Disability benefits are temporary for the most part and are deemed to apply to you. A workers’ compensation attorney serving Bensalem will typically help you in getting the best compensation you need.
  3. Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits. This is a benefit that tends to be offered if your injury has led to you having a permanent partial disability. The supplemental job displacement benefit is a voucher that is a promise to help you pay for educational retraining or any eligible skill-enhancing courses or schools. This benefit also covers fees, books, tuitions, and other school-related expenses that ultimately lead to skill enhancement and professional certificates, exam fees, and exam preparation fees for eligible courses or schools. If your employer does not offer you your job back within 60 days of temporary disability, this benefit can apply to you. Contact Randy H. Kaplan Law Offices serving Bensalem and find out how supplemental job displacement benefits may apply to you. 
  4. Death benefits are typically offered to the loved ones of the worker that may have become deceased due to workplace injury. We have noticed fatal personal injuries with clients who work in construction and we have worked to get up to $1.75 million for slip and fall injuries. We imagine that if any death does result from a workplace accident, Randy H. Kaplan Law Offices is more than able to help you with your claim if the death turns out to be due to the deceased’s workplace negligence.

Work Related Injuries Attorney Serving Jenkintown, Bensalem, Cherry Hill, & Philadelphia

When faced with an injury resulting from your work or workplace, it’s best to consult with a personal injury attorney. An attorney can provide advice on potential benefits you may be entitled to and where to seek medical treatment. In addition, when an individual is no longer able to maintain their current position, a personal injury attorney can help explore whether exploring a modified position within your current organization is possible or if necessary disability. Our workers’ compensation lawyer has helped Bensalem and Philadelphia area residents for years get back to living a normal life. Call Randy H. Kaplan Law Offices today!




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