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$1.8 Million+

Hit and Run Driver

Our client was rear-ended by a hit and run driver. Our investigation revealed the hit and run driver was already intoxicated when he was served additional drinks at a local restaurant/bar before the crash. Compensation for our client from both the driver and the restaurant/bar for serving alcohol to the hit and run driver.

$2.5 Million+

Tractor Trailer Accident

Client was stopped in traffic and his vehicle was struck in the rear by a chain reaction started by a tractor/trailer which failed to recognize stopped traffic in Bucks County. Our investigation disclosed that the tractor/trailer driver had been driving more than 12 hours without rest. Settlement to our client for non-surgical back injuries.

$.5 Million+

Fall at Home

Our client was injured as a result of falling through a backyard casement window outside of a Philadelphia row house, suffering a fractured leg. Settlement recovered from contractors’ failure to cover casement window.


Work Injury

Montgomery County client suffered a knee injury moving materials during the course of his employment at a warehouse location in Montgomery County. In addition to recovering workers’ compensation benefits he also received a settlement from owner of the property.

$1.75 Million+

Dog Bite

Our client was a Philadelphia college student visiting a friend and unexpectedly bit on the side of her face by the friend’s pit bull dog, resulting in multiple stitches. Dog had never previously bitten before. Financial settlement by the owner of the home.


Car Accident

Delaware County automobile collision in which our client, traveling home from work, was struck head-on by a vehicle, causing non-surgical back and neck injuries. Our investigation revealed that the car was driven by an unlicensed employee of a business owner. Settlement in favor of our client.


Car Accident

Our client is a Montgomery County resident, who after dropping her child off at soccer practice, was struck in the rear by another car, causing relatively minor damage to vehicle but resulting in lower back injuries. Settlement upon mediation.


Fall on Ice & Snow

Philadelphia senior fell on untreated ice and snow in front of neighbor’s home resulting in leg fracture.


Car Accident

Blue Route accident involving minor damage to vehicles from a side-swipe, resulting in back injuries.


Car Accident

Chester County two-vehicle intersectional accident resulting in middle-age male client’s foot injury.


Car Accident

Mercer County, New Jersey, woman driving on the way to work struck in rear, suffering neck injuries.



Elderly Montgomery County passenger in a senior transport, thrown from seat while bus was traveling over speed-bump.


Slip & Fall

Bucks County woman fell over merchandise display in Montgomery County Mall store, resulting injury to arm.


Slip & Fall

New Jersey woman fell at a private park on a cement post hidden in the grass.


Motorcycle Accident

Resulting from a motor vehicle making a left-hand turn and motorcycle operator thrown and suffering road-rash scarring parts of his body.


Dog Bite

Philadelphia 8-year old child bit on arm by neighbor’s dog.


Slip & Fall

Philadelphia man fell on cracked sidewalk, resulting in wrist injury.


Slip & Fall

Delaware County senior fell in senior apartment complex from hole in a grassy area in parking lot.


Slip & Fall

Man fell on tiled floor in large retail store outside of a bathroom from wet floor.

$2 Million+

Truck Accident

Work-related tractor/trailer driver struck in rear by another tractor/trailer.

$1.3 Million+

Car Accident

Bucks County resident struck in rear by another vehicle at red light.


Slip & Fall

Philadelphia woman slipped and fell on slippery surface in Philadelphia parking lot, resulting in wrist fracture.




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